Cutting Edge B2B Solutions

Inteliix is a cutting edge information technology company, with leading expertise in B2B solutions and Cloud integration. Here at Inteliix, we specialize in helping create solutions to even the toughest problems a business can face, including but not limited to, payroll, auditing, and software engineering. We are a leader in Cloud integration, from AWS to Azure to IBM, we have a skilled team ready to help you integrate safely with peace of mind.

Moving to a new cloud system or solution for the first time? Inteliix is here to help! With an experienced staff of consultants and engineers, we will help with everything from integration to choosing which Cloud system will work best for your company.

Helpful Insights

  • Inteliix iFusion®

    The Inteliix Group utilizes its trademark Inteliix iFusionĀ® methodology in all our solutions. The value proposition: We take your existing environment and internal expertise and leverage it with our insights to optimize all solutions we propose. The goal: During, and…Read more ›Read More
  • What does Cloud computing mean to you?

    In this day of information it can be a very confusing question for many IT groups both within organizations as well as the professional services groups that have used traditional methods to provide solutions for their customers. We would like…Read more ›Read More
  • Urgent Attention: IBM B2Bi Update

    Urgent attention needed for customers/owners of IBM B2B Integrator (Sterling Integrator) and IBM File Gateway (Sterling File Gateway). IBM announced a new version of IBM B2B Integrator and IBM File Gateway with planned availability on August 24, 2018. Within a…Read more ›Read More
  • How Does Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Work?

    Your EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution plays a huge role in the productivity of your business. By definition, EDI is the computer-computer exchange of business documents. Your EDI solution is responsible for governing the exchange of business documents and data…Read more ›Read More